Why We Keep It Cozy at Imanta

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Something that many people comment on concerning Imanta Resorts is the number of rooms we have at our luxury resort in Punta De Mita. While you may have not heard of a luxury hotel boasting of only 11 rooms, we are proud of the fact that although we only have a few rooms, we provide star service.

The Benefits of our Small Luxury Resort

Because of Imanta Resorts unique design and set-up, we are able to offer our guests the following benefits:

  • The illusion of complete seclusion. Because each one of our rooms is essentially a separate suite, you won’t have to feel the awkwardness that can arise from having your neighbors right next to you. Many of our rooms have balconies overlooking the jungle while offering you seclusion and privacy away from the other guests.
  • Our staff can more personally and attentively take care of you. Because we don’t have more than 11 rooms at Imanta Resorts, our highly trained personnel are able to offer you the type of attention and quality service that you deserve.
  • You can more easily enjoy our tours and services. In larger resorts during high season, it can be challenging to book tours or activities if you don’t do well in advance. While we do suggest booking our tours and treatments with time, there is no need to stress if you will get to enjoy the particular service, as we are completely ready and available to meet your needs.
  • You can truly partake of privacy and exclusivity at our resort. Our luxury accommodation in Punta de Mita goes above and beyond in providing you with the exclusivity that you are looking for, for your vacation. You want to get away and be at a place where you won’t be bothered and because of our location and the fact that we only have a few rooms, you can be sure that you will have as much privacy as you could want.

From the beauty of the surroundings and the ocean views to the comfort and exclusive luxury found in our rooms, Imanta Resorts is where you can be treated like royalty in one of the most luxurious spots in Punta de Mita.

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