Why a Temazcal Ceremony Should Be Near the Top of Your Bucket List

edicion on Feb 16th, 2018 under Imanta Resorts

Dating back to Mesoamerican times, Temazcal ceremonies have been a ritual in Mexican and South American culture for close to a thousand years, and quite possibly even longer than that. It is presently recognized as a mental, physical, and spiritual cleanse that leaves participants feeling completely regenerated.  

The word Temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word Temāzcalli meaning “house of heat”. The ceremony, which was derived from Prehispanic indigenous people in Mesoamerica, was typically used as a curative cleansing ceremony before and after battle or imperial ball games. It was also used by healers to help cure illnesses, improve health, or as a place for women to give birth.  

The Temazcal is a circular dome constructed from volcanic rock and cement that serves as a sort of sweat lodge. In order to produce heat, volcanic rocks are heated for hours on a hot fire, to then be brought inside during intervals and dropped into a pit located in the center of the structure. Water is then poured onto the rocks to produce vapor and steam. Usually, sage or copal are also placed among the rocks to scent the air with natural cleansing essences, and a certified shaman will lead the group through the ceremony by singing and chanting. 

Luckily, Imanta Resorts is a luxury private beach resort in Punta de Mita that offers a Temazcal as part of its 5- star Jungle Spa services. You can participate in one of these incredible cleansing ceremonies and be right back in your secluded beachfront villa or luxurious villa-suite within a matter of minutes! Talk to an Imanta Resorts Experience Manager for more details on how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and check it off your bucket list!  

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