What Makes Imanta Stand Out?

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With so many different luxury resorts around, you may wonder why Imanta Resorts is any different. Why should you choose Imanta Resorts when there are plenty of big hotel chains in the area that offer luxury, as well?

We want you to make an informed decision on where to stay at for your next vacation and following are some reasons why Imanta Resorts may be exactly what you are looking for.

  • A completely relaxing and isolated beach for you and Imanta Resort’s guests to enjoy. While other hotels often have to share their beaches with other tourists, the beach at Imanta Resorts is where you will only find yourself and a few other guests. Because there are only 11 rooms at Imanta Resorts, the beach rarely has more than a handful of people which makes it a highly relaxing and enjoyable place for sun-bathing, swimming in the water, or for reading a good book.
  • It has great restaurants with top gourmet food in private settings with fabulous views. The restaurants at Imanta Resorts are inviting and offer a meal with a view. The thing that makes them stand out is that you will get a very personal and unique experience of just a few diners, which in turn means quality service rendered by the wait staff.
  • The hotel is located in a highly private and unique location, away from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism. While some may like being around “it all,” others are looking for privacy and exclusivity on their vacation. This is the type of guest that Imanta Resort caters to. With such beautiful natural surroundings, nature lovers will love their stay here.
  • Imanta Resorts has comfortable and relaxing spa treatments that connect guests with nature and provide them with relaxation. While many hotels may offer spa treatments, we are proud to provide our guests with open-air sessions, if they so wish, which offers them a closer connection to nature and a more relaxing environment.
  • This luxury resort offers highly personal service and experiences. Because of the minimal number of guests that stay at Imanta Resorts, we are able to provide a more personal and attentive service than larger hotels might. We take care to offer our non-obtrusive attention whenever its needed to ensure that our guests have everything they need.

For all this and more, Imanta Resorts is an ideal luxury resort to stay at in Punta de Mita. Here, you will find luxury, privacy, and exclusivity. Click here to know more about our luxury resort.

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