Travel Hacks for Short Vacations

edicion on Jan 5th, 2018 under Travel Tips

Traveling to an exotic destination with plenty of time to work with is great. You can book your flight for any hour and know that you’ll fit in a lot of fun activities. But, what about those times when you only have a 3-day vacation and want to get away to your favorite luxury resort?

The following tips can help you to enjoy a short but sweet time even if you only have a few days to work with:

  • If your destination is more than a few hours away, consider booking your flight there the night before your long weekend. If not, book an early morning one to be sure that you can make the most of your trip. Book the return flight for as late as possible on your last day. If you can wing it, book an early one that allows you time to get to work on the same day that you have to be back. It may feel a little stressful, but having a few full days without traveling to enjoy your destination is worth it.
  • Plan some must-do experiences beforehand. For example, if you really want to go whale watching during the season in Punta de Mita, you may want to make sure that you book your tour before you arrive for your short stay at Imanta Resorts. Trying to plan one on a whim in such a short time frame can mean that you don’t find free space on your most-desired tours. This will also help you get the most from your trip.
  • If you’re going to Punta de Mita to relax and disconnect, try disconnecting from your phone. With only a few days to recharge, your time will be better spent on other things like reading books, swimming, enjoying good food, and great music.

Long weekends can feel just as good as long vacations if you prepare wisely. What makes Imanta Resorts perfect for those short vacations is that you’ll be in a place with everything that you could want without even having to leave. Delectable food, great service, and luxurious lodging are some of the reasons why our 5-star resort is perfect for a weekend getaway. Learn more.

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