Top 3 Must-Try Seafood Dishes

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A visit to the seaside and staying at a luxury resort in Punta de Mita means many things. It means a lot of sunshine, beautiful views, warm weather, and plenty of fun. It also means delicious food, more specifically, seafood. Being near the ocean has its benefits when it comes to serving seafood, because nearly everything that is served at Imanta Resorts and in the nearby Punta de Mita restaurants is fresh. Everyone knows that when it comes to seafood, this is fantastic news.

To help you get an idea of what type of dishes you may choose from while visiting Punta de Mita, we have compiled our top three favorite seafood dishes.

We think you will like these following dishesl:

Ceviche: Ceviche varies depending on the location or region that it is made, but the idea remains the same: freshly caught fish soaked in lemon and lime juice that sits for a number of hours, in order to cook the fish-so to speak.

What makes having ceviche near the ocean so special is that you can be sure that the fish is fresh, which means a more flavorful and healthier meal for you. Ceviche recipes also often include cilantro, salt, onion, and depending on who is making it, chili, and tabasco. Most people use red snapper for ceviche as the flavor isn’t too overwhelming, but other types of fish and shrimp or octopus are often used as well.

Seafood Tacos: What may seem like such a simple dish actually has delectable flavors that will make you want to come back for more. Whether you prefer fish or shrimp, seafood tacos are something that you must try, at least once in your life. Some places offer shrimp and fish tacos that are prepared with a tasty batter to make them crispy, while others simply add spices and grill the “catch of the day.”

Fish and shrimp tacos are served with the complements that will make them the tasty delights that they are known to be. From avocado slices and cabbage to pico de gallo and a lightly spicy sauce of mayo-chipotle or lime and cilantro dressing, seafood tacos will not disappoint.

Catch of the Day: While there are a variety of restaurants to choose from in Punta de Mita and various ways of preparing the same type of dish, one thing that you must try is a fresh catch. From snapper to tuna, there is an abundance of marine life and plenty of fresh fish to choose from.

When you choose a gourmet restaurant, you can expect to have one of the best seafood dishes of your life. Depending on the season, the catch of the day may vary, but lightly grilled snapper that has been marinated in the most delicious marinade of lemon, garlic, salt and cilantro, or lightly seared mahi mahi with a buttery basil topping. Whatever catch you choose, you can be sure that it will be as fresh as they come.

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