The Perfect Date-An Imanta Resorts Experience

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Whether you are getting away from it all to reconnect with your spouse or you are visiting Imanta Resorts with your soon-to-be bride, there is plenty of opportunity for romance at our luxury resort in Punta de Mita.

Aside from having exclusivity and privacy in a gorgeous setting, there is a unique experience that we offer at Imanta Resorts, known as “Romance on the Cliff.” Can you imagine being surrounded by jungle with the ocean views in front of you at sunset, feasting on the most delectable gourmet meal that you have ever eaten? If this sounds like a recipe for romance, it’s because it most definitely is.

Our “Romance at the Cliff” experience begins with adventure, because any truly romantic story should. It’s an adventure because you won’t know where you’re going until you get there. On your walk through the jungle, you will be accompanied by music which will only make the experience more interesting and unique and upon arrival to the secret location, we guarantee that you will be amazed by the beauty before your eyes.

A view like this one is hard to find yet fortunately at Imanta Resorts, we are able to provide our guests with incredible experiences due to our amazing location. Here, you will enjoy a meal that will leave you wanting to repeat the experience all over again, even just to enjoy this 5-star meal again. We will be there to attend to your needs, but will offer you the privacy you deserve for your incredibly romantic date.

Whether you are getting ready to propose to the one you love or you need this time spent together in one of the most amazing locations in Mexico, at Imanta Resorts we will take great care of you and ensure that everything about your special date is 100% perfect.

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