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While most people are happy to enjoy a vacation spent relaxing and chilling next to a pool, for some of us, we like a little fun and adventure for our time away from our daily lives. Imanta Resorts is everything that you could want in a luxury destination and lends itself to complete relaxation but we also offer experiences for you that we are confident will keep you entertained.

The Best Activities at Imanta Resorts

Following are some of the best options for those who want to do something fun and different while on their vacation in Punta de Mita:

  • Have you spent a morning relaxing with a book and a fabulous cup of coffee but now you want to some exploring and get your blood pumping? A great option for you could be kayaking. At Imanta Resorts, we offer kayaking tours for our guests where they will be able to explore the coastline at our part of the area and discover amazing things such as hidden beaches and islands, as well as underwater caves and coves.
  • Did you know that the Vallarta-Nayarit area is full of incredible marine life? Perhaps you would like to get up close and personal to enjoy the views of underwater life near our resort. We can take you on a snorkeling tour where you will be able to appreciate the plethora of fish in our exotic location.
  • Yoga is a fabulous way to get your blood pumping and to feel in touch with yourself and nature. What makes yoga especially special at Imanta Resorts is where we give our classes. Our adventure, Yoga at Observatorio, will undoubtedly be an experience that you will never forget. There, you will enjoy a wonderful yoga session while admiring the 360-degree view of the surrounding jungle and ocean below. It’s every yogi’s dream and one that we think you will appreciate.
  • If you like the idea of exploring the lush jungle surrounding our resort, we are more than happy to take you on a hike through it as we explore the fascinating landscape and wildlife in the area. While we offer an extended tour for a low price, we also have free daily hikes so that you can get to know a part of the beauty that lies behind Imanta Resorts, on any day that you would like.

If you are looking for a resort that offers everything in the way of good food, luxury, privacy, and fun, look no further. Imanta Resorts is where life happens in a beautifully unique and captivating way! Learn more.

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