Eat Healthy During Your Stay at Imanta Resorts

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We take the meaning of healthy eating to another level at Imanta Resorts, where you can expect to have the most luxurious and invigorating vacations imaginable while also enjoying delectable meals that will serve to enhance the experience. We believe that eating healthy is a part of living well and is a big part of enjoying incredible vacations and it’s one of the reasons why we use locally-grown produce to ensure that you have healthy and fresh food.

In fact, at Imanta Resorts we have our very own vegetable garden where we grow some of the vegetables and fruit that we use in our gourmet cuisine at Imanta Resorts. Our produce is organic, so you can be sure that you are consuming only the best when you eat your meals at our luxury resort.

Following are some of the top reasons to eat organically:

  • It tastes better. Organic vegetables and fruit taste better than foods grown with chemicals and pesticides.
  • It has less chemicals. The lack of chemicals means that it is essentially better for one’s health. The consumption of the multitude of chemicals found in fruits and vegetables that are non-organic can be harmful and take away from the nutrients found in the vegetables themselves.
  • Minimizes pollution. Because many chemicals and pollutants aren’t used in growing organic vegetables, growing organic produce helps to minimize pollution and helps the ecosystem.
  • It is fresher. Organic food is typically fresher, especially when it’s picked from a local garden and at Imanta Resorts, you can rest assured that our gourmet dishes only contain fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • It is healthier. Many believe that the pesticides and chemicals used in growing produce are one of the causes of cancer, so it is safe to say that eating organic produce is much better for one’s health. There is also concern that pesticides can be harmful for pregnant woman, amongst a myriad of other health issues that may stem from consuming the pesticides used on non-organically grown vegetables.

No matter what meal you order, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can trust that you will be consuming the best local produce around. We strive to maintain the high standard that you expect from a top luxury resort in Punta Mita and the delicious cuisine that we serve is no different. We only serve the best at Imanta Resorts, so go ahead and order the dishes that catch your eye knowing that you are giving your body the healthy nutrients that it deserves.

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