Book a Luxury Resort for a Girlfriend Getaway

edicion on Nov 18th, 2017 under Imanta Resorts - Luxury and Exclusivity - Punta de Mita

Women should always stick together and what could be a better way to bond with your besties than to go on vacation together? While Imanta Resorts is typically a place where you can find couples or perhaps small families vacationing, it’s also a great spot for a girl’s vacation in Punta de Mita.

Here’s why:

  • There are plenty of adventurous activities to enjoy. If your “squad” enjoys adventure and an active lifestyle, Imanta Resorts won’t disappoint. Whether you want to hike in the surrounding jungle to find fascinating views of the ocean or swim in waterfalls or you all prefer kayaking on the ocean, we have plenty of tours and packages for you to enjoy. The waters near the resort are rich in marine life, so if you happen to be an ocean fanatic, you can even rent scuba diving gear from nearby dive shops or go snorkeling.
  • Our luxury resort is secluded and private. If you and your girlfriends want to have a drama-free vacation, Imanta Resorts is a great place to do so. Because of its secluded location, you can enjoy relaxing and bonding without worrying about anything else. The beach at Imanta Resorts is secluded and private, so if you want some great sun-bathing sessions while sipping on cocktails and gossiping with your girlfriends, you couldn’t choose a better place for it.
  • You can enjoy great meals with superb company. At Imanta Resorts, we serve gourmet meals made with fresh, local ingredients. From our vegetables to our seafood, you can be sure that you’re eating the best meals found in the area. Spend some time remembering your years of friendship while on vacation with your best friends. Toast to friendship with one of our top wines or enjoy our delectable cocktails.
  • There are plenty of photo opportunities here. While this is by no means the only reason why you would book a stay here, if you’re a fan of taking pictures in exotic locations, this is a paradise that you don’t want to miss. At Imanta Resorts, you will always have beautiful views, whether from your luxury suite at our luxury 5-star resort, or from the private beach below. A hike through the jungle will also provide you with fantastic photo opportunities. Pictures are a great way to remember a fun experience and we are confident that you will have a blast while visiting Punta de Mita.

If you’re looking for a better experience than a “spring-break” style vacation with your best friends, why not consider an enriching vacation at Imanta Resorts. From the views to the services and luxury, nothing is better than a Punta de Mita vacation at our 5-star luxury resort. Book now.

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