Autumn-The Best Time to Enjoy Punta de Mita

edicion on Sep 25th, 2017 under Imanta Resorts - Outdoor Activities - Punta de Mita

Can you imagine a light breeze and a beautiful sunny day with the ocean in front of you? If this visual image makes you want to catch a flight today, that would be a very good idea. Imanta Resorts in Punta de Mita is the perfect place to welcome one of the best seasons of the year: autumn.

Autumn is when the rain has finally started to stay goodbye to our area and the weather is cooler than in the summer. While you can still expect warm weather, you won’t be overwhelmed by heat that is too much to bear.

Following are some of the best activities that you can enjoy during autumn in Punta de Mita:

  • Fishing: The Riviera-Nayarit area is always a good place to go fishing, no matter the season, but even more so in the fall. It’s when you can expect to be able to succeed in catching some of the best fish found in the area. From yellow-fin tuna to marlin, autumn is when you can catch some of the biggest fish around.
  • Diving: While you can dive any time of the year, diving in the fall is a lot more rewarding in this area of Mexico. The water is still warm enough for comfortable diving while the visibility is at its best. The abundance of marine life in the area also makes it an interesting experience for those who want to enjoy observing the variety of fish species in Punta de Mita.
  • Cycling and hiking: Because the weather is finally friendlier, engaging in outdoor activities is a lot more fun. If you like to explore on wheels, autumn is a great time for biking through the area. If you prefer walking, at Imanta Resorts we offer some relatively easy hikes through our nearby jungle.
  • Sunbathing, reading, and relaxing: Of course, there is nothing quite like relaxing and enjoying good weather. Our luxury resort in Punta de Mita makes it easy to forget the world and enjoy autumn more than ever before. With a good book in hand, luxury service, and comfortable lodgings, total relaxation can be achieved with us.

As you can see, there is plenty of fun and relaxation to be had in Mexico. Bring in one of the best seasons of the year at Imanta Resorts in Punta de Mita!

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