A Beach Wedding in a Charming Location

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As someone who is preparing to get married, you obviously want to find a location that is unforgettable and beautiful. May we suggest Punta de Mita? Here at Imanta Resorts, you will discover the beauty that you have been looking for in a place that looks like it was made just for you and yours.

Why Imanta Resorts is Perfect for Your Wedding

As you think about your wedding, what are some of the most important factors to consider?

  • Location-Location is highly important. You may have seen those beach weddings that look gorgeous at first glance, but you look closer and discover a crowd of onlookers. At Imanta Resorts, you can expect a beach all to yourself and your guests. There will be no need to worry about intruders to your celebration or worry about how the photographs will turn out. Our beach is private and secluded.
  • Service-When it comes to luxury service, we are professionals. We are happy to provide you with the small details that make all the difference. With our gourmet meals cooked with fresh ingredients and our highly-trained team ready to make sure your reception goes off without a hitch, you can relax and enjoy your very special day.
  • Privacy-When it comes to destination weddings, it can be challenging to find the privacy that you so desperately want for your time celebrating with family and friends. Because our resort is small and secluded, you can expect to have a beautiful and private wedding at our hotel grounds. Our suites will also offer you and your future spouse all the privacy you could need. They are each uniquely designed to offer exclusivity and privacy for each one of our guests.
  • Photo opportunity-The location of Imanta Resorts allows for some unbelievable photo opportunities. Because you only get married once-it always our hope-you should have the chance to take some of the most breathtaking photographs imaginable with the love of your life. Whether you take some on your special day down at the beach or up at the “observatorio” overlooking the jungle and ocean, you can be sure the wedding shots captured here will be as memorable as you want them to be.
  • Fun adventures-While you will probably have an amazing time on your wedding day, if you plan on staying on for your honeymoon, you can trust there is plenty to do at our resort and in the area. From snorkeling to hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, and horseback-riding, your options for fun are endless.

If you want to get married in a place that is a haven for celebrities, foreigners, and locals alike, Punta de Mita won’t disappoint. At Imanta Resorts, we offer a luxurious setting for a day that will always be remembered. Find out more here!

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